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Anthem of the Seas: Size, Capacity and Ship Information

Welcome aboard the Anthem of the Seas, a true marvel of the seas and a symbol of Royal Caribbean's commitment to redefining cruise experiences. As you step onto this floating paradise, get ready to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where luxury, adventure, and innovation converge to create memories that last a lifetime.

The Anthem of the Seas is a cruise ship that belongs to Royal Caribbean's Quantum Class. It was built in 2015 and is one of the 27 ships in the company's fleet. To compare the Anthem of the Seas with other Royal Caribbean ships, you can refer to the cruise ship stats provided below.

How big is the Anthem of the Seas?

Here are some important statistics, including passenger capacity, length, year of construction and renovation, construction cost, gross tonnage, engine information, number of rooms, deck count, and more! Here are the Anthem of the Seas' relevant stats, specs, and dimensions for your convenience.

Anthem of the Seas: Size, Specs, and Ship Stats

Anthem of the Seas Passenger and Crew Capacity

The Anthem of the Seas can accommodate up to 4,154 guests. In comparison, the average passenger capacity of Royal Caribbean's 27 active ships is 3,708. The passenger capacity range of all Royal Caribbean ships varies from a minimum of 1,992 guests to a maximum of 7,600 passengers.

On the Anthem of the Seas, 1,500 crew members care for the guests. This means there are 2.8 guests for every crew member. On average, a Royal Caribbean ship has 1,400 employees, resulting in a passenger-to-staff ratio of 2.6 to 1.

Anthem of the Seas Length

The Anthem of the Seas measures 1142 feet (349 meters) in length from end to end. As a comparison, the average length of the 27 active ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet is 1068 feet (326 meters).

The Royal Caribbean fleet boasts a range of ship sizes, with the smallest vessel measuring 915 feet (279 meters) in length and the longest stretching 1196 feet (365 meters). To give you an idea of how the ships compare in size, we've created a chart that displays the length of the Anthem of the Seas alongside all other active Royal Caribbean ships.

Chart comparing Royal Caribbean Fleet's passenger capacity and crew to that of Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas Built Date

The Anthem of the Seas, which belongs to the Quantum Class of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, was built in 2015. The cruise line currently has 27 active ships, with the oldest one built in 1996. Royal Caribbean ships are, on average, 15 years old, and the median build date is 2007 for all active ships.

The Anthem of the Seas underwent dry dock improvements in 2020. These renovations included general maintenance items such as paint and engine upkeep.

Anthem of the Seas Deck Plans

The Anthem of the Seas has 14 passenger decks, with the lowest level available to guests being Deck 3, and the highest passenger deck being Deck 16. In addition to 15 restaurants, 12 bars, 35 activities, and two other features, the ship offers various activities.

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